'We're all in this together'
'Lifestyle by Design' is one of the most powerful trends that I’ve seen taking hold over the last 20+ years.
Sustainable Living can dovetail all aspects of one’s relationship with: Self, our Health, our Planet, Family, Community, Finances, Personal Freedom & Independence…

We all know the expression ‘out of the mouths of babes’. This short video is very touching and encourages us to follow our hearts in taking whatever steps we can ~ showing appreciation of our Planet & keeping it ‘Sustainable’. The children narrating have a wonderful tone that ‘invites us to shine’ as we all do our part…

Everyday is Earth Day

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My office & home are ‘off-grid’

This is very exciting ~ sitting in my office; having an amazing view to the horizon in 4 directions and knowing that we can connect from anywhere in the world.  My view to the east looks past the new chimney I installed for our new (very efficient) wood stove.

My passion includes being a resource for sustainable living and lifestyles.  We’ve been living here, off-grid on our solar system with batteries & an inverter since 1995 and our nearest neighbor is about a mile away.

Future posts will focus on our experience of living off grid, renewable fuel sources, building an efficient home, alternative energy systems & equipment, whole foods, ‘embracing health ~ instead of fighting disease’, independent lifestyles including sustainable income…

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